Top Linux Web Browsers

A web browser is a software application , which is used for  accessing information on the World Wide Web .

Each individual web page , images has their own distinct URL . These URL enable browsers to retrieve and display them on the user’s device.

Linux users can pick from a dozen web browsers of different kinds – from lightweight and command-line to cross-platform and extremely extensible ones.

Now we are going to discuss about web browser that is used in Linux . There are lot of browser which is used in Linux . But here we will discuss about some popular web browsers .

Here I am going to list top Linux Web browser. These are –

  1. Chrome – Google chrome is most popular web browser on any platform . It has lot of advance features that makes our life easier. The best feature of chrome is Incognito mode . When you go Incognito, your browser doesn’t keep track of browsing history, nor will it store any cookies from your browsing.
  2. Firefox – There are so many great things to like about Firefox. The main advantage of Firefox is that It has huge collection of add-ons . 
  3. Opera – Opera is another popular web browser for Linux . The menu in Opera makes it so simple to access Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, news, bookmarks, and an awesome Instant Search tool for accessing the web or searching through your open tabs in an entirely separate pop-up window.
  4. Chromium – Chromium is another popular web browser for Linux . It is an open source project . Google has bundled various proprietary add-ons that can be included with Chromium such as HTML5 video codecs, MP3 support, and, of course, a Flash plugin.
  5. Konqueror – Konqueror is KDE’s one-stop solution for both file and web browsing. By default it uses the KHTML rendering engine, but it also supports KHTML’s progeny, WebKit. Konqueror is without a doubt the most advanced file / web browser combo application on any platform.