How to install checkpoint gaia on vmware

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is an Israeli multinational provider of software and combined hardware .  IT  provides hardware as well as software for network security and management including network security, endpoint security, mobile security, data security and security management.

In this article we discuss about checkpoint and how to install checkpoint gaia on vmware .

Check Point offers the following primary products : –

  • Network Security
  • Software Defined Protection
  • Public and Private Cloud Security
  • Security Management
  • Endpoint Security
  • Data Security
  • ThreatCloud
  • ThreatCloud IntelliStore
  • Virtual Systems
  • Mobile Security
  • Document Security (Capsule Docs product line)
  • Zero-day Protection (SandBlast appliance product line)
  • Mobile Security (Mobile Threat Prevention product line)

What is checkpoint Gaia ?

Gaia is the Check Point next generation operating system for security applications. The Gaia Operating System supports the full portfolio of Check Point Software Blades, Gateway and Security Management products. It  is available for all Check Point security appliances and open servers.

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Install checkpoint gaia on vmware

To install checkpoint gaia on virtualbox, first you have to install and setup virtualbox. you can download virtualbox using link given below :-

To download vmware, click here

After installing vmware on your computer , you have to download checkpoint gaia .

To download checkpoint gaia , click here

After downloading checkpoint gaia on your system follow the steps to install it on your system .

First open your VMware workstation , Where you have to install checkpoint gaia .

Now click on create new virtual machine , and follow the steps-

Select Typical and click on next to proceed the installation . Select installer disk image file to boot your system. click on next.

checkpoint installation
Now you see a screen , where you have to specify your guest operating system and their version. Here you select Linux as a guest operating system and select Red Hat Enterprise 5 as their version. After specifying this , click on next to proceed with installation .

checkpoint installation2

Here you have to specify disk size according to your requirement , The minimum disk size should be 20 GB. After specifying disk size , click on next to proceed installation . And finish it .

checkpoint installation3

Finishing screen looks like given below . Click on Finish .


checkpoint installation4
After finishing the installation , A screen appears where you should power on the virtual machine .

checkpoint installation 5
Now next screen appears , Here you select Install Gaia on this system option . After selecting this Gaia installation process proceed .

checkpoint installation 6
To install checkpoint Gaia on your system click on OK . After clicking on OK you have to select keyboard selection .

checkpoint installation 7
After selecting keyboard , A screen appears which shows partition configuration . Click on next .

checkpoint installation 8
A screen appears, where you have to give your account Configuration. Give admin password .

checkpoint installation 9
After giving account information , A screen appears, where you have to specify management interface configuration . Give IP address and gateway.

checkpoint installation 10
Final screen appears, This is confirmation screen . Click on OK. After confirmation installation process start .

When installation is completed reboot the machine . After rebooting login screen appears . Give your user name and password to login .

checkpoint installation 12
After login in your system . checkpoint Gaia open.

checkpoint installation 13
Checkpoint installation  is completed . I hope this article is useful for you .