How to Install or Uninstall Ubuntu Software Packages

The easy way to install or uninstall ubuntu software packages is to use ubuntu software center . This is one stop for software package management in ubuntu system . you just open ubuntu software center from the Launcher , and search the application that you want.

You can also install any software package through command line interface . In this post we will discuss installation of packages through both methods.

Installation of software packages through command line :-

If you have already downloaded any packages in .deb format , which is already present in your local drive. Follow the steps to install software packages –

step 1 : Open terminal

step 2: Go to the directory where you .deb file is located . you can go through cd command . Suppose your file is located in Desktop , then you enter command given below

use ls command to view directory content.

Now its time to install software package. You can install package using dpkg command.

sudo is used for giving super user permission and dpkg is a tool which is used to install and manage packages.

To remove a package using dpkg command –

You can also install packages through apt-get command . but for using this command for installation you need internet connection.

To install software using apt-get command, use command given below

use name of your package instead of package_name . Suppose i have to install vlc , then use command

you can also remove software packages using apt-get command.

Installation of software packages through ubuntu software center :-

To install a software package using ubuntu software center , first you have to launch ubuntu software center . After that go into search bar and search your software by typing software name . search result shows a list of software related to your search . Select the software you want to install and click install . Now a authentication screen appears to authenticate with your computer password . Enter password to continue installing the software .

In this article we saw that how to install or uninstall ubuntu software packages .