How to Install Ubuntu on VirtualBox

Ubuntu is an open source operating system that based on Debian architecture . In this tutorial i am going to explain you , how to install Ubuntu on your virtual machine like VirtualBox . Virtual machine is an emulation of a computer system which provides a functionality of a physical computer .The main advantages of virtual machine is that you can run multiple operating systems on virtual machine without having to change what’s on your computer right now .

How to Install Ubuntu on VirtualBox

1. Download VirtualBox

To download VirtualBox use the link given below .

Download VirtualBox


2. Download Ubuntu ISO file

To download Ubuntu ISO use the link given below.

Download Ubuntu


3. Install VirtualBox on your computer system.

4. Install Ubuntu on VirtualBox.

To install Ubuntu on VirtualBox follow step by step

Select your ISO file and start virtual machine.


After that select your language and click on install ubuntu . This process start installation of ununtu on your VirtualBox . You may also choose try ubuntu to use ubuntu without installation .

install ubuntu

Check the system requirement and click on continue .


Select where you want to install ubuntu and click on install now .


Select your time zone and click on continue .

ubuntu timezone

Select your keyboard layout . For English select English (US) and click on continue .

ubuntu keyboard layout

In next screen insert your user name and password and click on continue .


In next screen select I am new ubuntu user and click on continue .


Click on continue . It start installing ubuntu on your VirtualBox.

ubuntu installation

When installation is completed click on restart now to restart your ubuntu operating system.


After restart your system a login screen appears . Login in your system with your user name and password .

ubuntu login

Now you have install ubuntu on your VirtualBox. After login main screen appears .

ubuntu on VirtualBox

In this article i explained how to install ubuntu on VirtualBox . I hope this is useful for you .