Routing Information Protocol Interview Question

Routing Information Protocol is one of the oldest routing protocol . It uses hop count as a routing metric . It is classified as a Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) by Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) . In this article i will explain some important routing information protocol interview question . These questions are very important for network administrator interview .It is designed for use in smaller network .

Let’s start routing information protocol interview question

Routing Information Protocol Interview Question

1. What is RIP ?

RIP stands for Routing Information Protocol . It is distance vector routing protocol .

2. What are the name of RIP version ?

RIPv1 and RIPv2

3. What is the AD value of RIP ?


4. What is the limit of hop count in RIP ?


5. What is the multicast address of RIPv2 ?

6. What is difference between RIPv1 and RIPv2 ?

                  RIPv1                     RIPv2
 classful routing classless routing
 VLSM not supported  VLSM support
 No authentication support is available  Support available for both plain text and MD5 authentication
 Uses broadcast for update  uses multicast for update
 broadcast address  multicast address

7. Which port number is used by RIP to update route information ?

port 520 UDP

8. What is RIPng ?

It is extension of RIPv2 which support IPv6 .

9. What is Load -balancing in RIP ?

It support upto six equal cost path .

10. What is split horizon ?

It is method of preventing routing loops in distance vector routing protocol by preventing a router from advertising a route back onto the interface from which it was learned .

11. What is routing loops ?

When same packet moves between two routers continuously then routing loos occurs .

12. What is disadvantages of routing loops ?

These are the main disadvantages of routing loops –

  • never delivery of package
  • wasting bandwidth

13. What are the important loop prevention methods ?

These are the important loop prevention methods –

  • split Horizon
  • Poision Reverse
  • Triggered Update
  • Holddown timers

14. How many types of timers in RIP ?

The types of Timers are –

  • Update timers
  • Invalid timers
  • Holddown timers
  • Flush timers

15. How to configure RIP ?

16. How to configure RIPv2 ?

17. How to configure timers in RIP ?

18.What is holddown timers ?

It is used to ensure sufficient time for all routers to be updated when a route fails .

19. Which command you use to debug RIP in real time ?

R# debug ip rip

20. How to view information about rip protocol ?

R # show ip protocols

21. How to view all routes in rip database ?

R#show ip rip database

In this article we discuss about routing information protocol interview question . I hope this is useful for you.