Important MySQL Command

MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) . It is an open-source software to manage databases . It is written in C and C++ . It is created by MySQL AB . It is very popular in all over world . In MySQl , you can manage your database with command line interface . Here i am going to tell you about some important MySQL command .

Additional details :-

Created by :MySQL AB

Home Page :

MySQL download Page 

Latest release : 5.7.19

Port number : 3306

config file : /etc/my.cnf.d

log file : /var/log/mysql.log

Written in : C , C++

Read more about MySQL at wikipedia.

Important MySQL Command

To login from linux system

List all database on sql server

Create database on sql server

Switch to a database

To see all tables in database

Delete a database

Delete a table

See database field format

Update database privileges

Show all data of a table

Create a table

Update table information

Get  information of table in arranged way

Delete table information

Delete column of a table

Create user and set password in sql database

Give permission to user

Backup of database


Backup of more than one database


Backup of all databases


Backup of a table of a particular database


Restore backup of database


MySQL history is available in your home directory as name given below –

In this short article , we have explained important MySQL command .