Top 5 Linux Text Editors

It is very hard to say which is Top 5 linux text editors. It depends on the people choice. Some people love to work on vim and some like other editors. My personal favorite is vim.  The main advantage of vim is , you have lot of option to edit your file. There are lot of command option in vim editors.  Many options are also available in other editors. Uses of editors depend on users choices.

Here I am going to list top 5 linux text editors. These are –

1.  Vi / Vim Editor 


Vim is one of the best linux test editors. This is very popular in linux users. There are lot of options available in vim editor for edit the file.

Additional details :-

Created by : Bram Moolenaar

Home Page :

Vim download Page 

Read more about Vim at wikipedia.

Latest release : 8.0.0960

2.  gEdit


gedit is also most popular text editor in linux. It is the default text editor of GNOME desktop environment. It includes tools for editing source code and structured text.

Additional details :-

Created by : Paolo Maggi

Home Page :

gedit download Page 

Read more about gedit at wikipedia.

Latest release : 3.24.3

3.  Nano Editor

nano editor

Nano is a text editor for unix like operating system. Nano is licensed under GNU General Public Licence (GPL) .

Additional details :-

Created by : Chris Allegretta

Home Page :

nano download Page 

Read more about nano at wikipedia.

Latest release : 2.8.6

4.  Emacs Editor

emacs editor

Additional details :-

Created by : David A. Moon , Guy L.Steele Jr.

Home Page :

Emacs download Page 

Read more about Emacs at wikipedia.

5. Kate

kate text-editor

It is a text editor developed by KDE free software community. It is basically a programmer text editor , which includes lot of features for development  purpose.

Additional details :-

Created by : KDE

Home Page :

Kate download Page 

Read more about Kate at wikipedia.

Latest release : 17.04.1

Written in : C++

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