Top 5 Network Monitoring Tools

There are lot of network monitoring tools available in market today. Here we are going to discuss about network monitoring tools that are mostly used in industry.  We use network monitoring tools to monitor our network. If any network component became slow or failed , network monitoring tools notify us about that problem (via email, sms or other alarm). Network monitoring is an important part of network management.

Here i am going to discuss about top 5 network monitoring tools. These are –

1.    Nagios


Nagios is a free and open-source computer software application that monitors network, system and infrastructure . It alerts network system administrator when things go wrong and second time alert when problem resolved.

Additional details :-

Created by : Ethan Galstad

Home Page :

Written in : C

Nagios download Page 

Read more about nagios at wikipedia.

Latest release : 4.3.1

2.   Cacti


Cacti is a open source web based network monitoring and graphical tools.  It allows user to poll a services at predetermined intervals and graph the resulting data.  It is a complete fronted to RRDTool. It store all the necessary data to create a graph.

Additional details :-

Created by : The cacti group,Inc.

Home Page :

Written in : PHP, MySQL

Cacti download Page 

Read more about cacti at wikipedia.

Latest release : 1.1.7

3.   Zabbix


Zabbix is an open source network monitoring software. It is designed to monitor status of various network services, servers and hardware. Its backend written in C and fronted written in PHP. you can easily monitor cpu load, network utilization , disk space and many more through zabbix.

Additional details :-

Created by : Zabbix Company

Home Page :

Written in : PHP, C

Zabbix  download Page

Read more about zabbix at wikipedia.

Latest release : 3.2.7

4.   NeDi


It is an open source software use to discover network and manage inventory. It also find every node connected to networks. you can track your network devices. There are lot of facilities associated with NeDi  like backup configuration, network discovery , monitoring ,  locate and track computers , network topology visualization, IT report , and many more.

Additional details :-

Created by : Remo Rickli

Home Page :

Written in : PHP, Perl , JavaScript

NeDi  download Page

Read more about NeDi at wikipedia.

Latest release : 1.6

5.   ntop


It is a computer software use to monitor network , use in a way similar to what a program top does for process. It is available for both unix and windows. you can sort network traffic according to many criteria including IP address, port. It shows real time traffic and active host.

Additional details :-

Created by : Luca Deri

Home Page :

Written in : C

ntop  download Page

Read more about ntop at wikipedia.

Latest release : 5.0.1